Tank Accessories

Insulated and Temperature Controlled Systems

A system consisting of flexible heating panels, thermostat and rigid foam insulation, designed to help control and maintain the temperature of the product inside of our tanks. (Contact sales office for complete details and price quotations)

Electronic Heating Systems (A)

  • Operate from 120 volts/ AC power source.
  • Heater panels are located around tank for uniform heating.
  • All systems are custom designed; *Please supply anticipated minimum ambient temperature, wind velocity, and the desired minimum temperature requirement of contents.


Rigid Insulation (B)

  • 2" spray on rigid closed cell polyurethane foam.
  • R value of 7.8 per inch of thickness.
  • Insulation and mastic coating have excellent weathering characteristics.


Fiberglass Ladders (C)

Provide a safe and convenient access to tank manway.

  • Ladders are constructed of yellow fire retardant FRP polyester.
  • High strength tubular stringers eliminate the need for intermittent standoffs through tank walls.
  • Adjustable 4" top stainless steel band attaches ladder to tank without compromising the tanks integrity.
  • 3 foot walk thru.

See Price Sheet.

Tie Down Kits (C)

PVC coated wire cable and adjustable steel turn buckles provide an economical and effective restraining system.

1700 or less (except 750, 850, + 1500) TC1700TK
2000 to 3200 (and 750, 850, + 1500) TC2000TK
3600 and larger TC3600TK

Seismic Zone 4 Restraint Kits

Tank tie down assembly for wind and earthquake protection. Seismic zone 4 - 1994 Uniform Building Code. Contact sales office for complete details.

Electronic Level Indicators

Designed to alert to a preset high or low level within the tank. This system can be engineered to activate a pump or alarm. Contact sales office for complete details.







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