Safety Cans with Self Closing Bottom Faucet

  • No. 207V Safety can is especially suited for use on bench or elevated shelf. Has bottom faucet internally linked to built-in vacuum breaker.
  • Dispenses clean, smooth liquid flow.
  • Safety latch prevents inadvertent opening of faucet.
  • Space-saving, oval shape Nos.F891P and F892P have valve at can bottom for dispensing into small beakers or flasks.

Terne Plate*
Leather Gasket
316 Stainless Teflon® Gasket Capacity H W O.D. Test Lab Listing
207V F207V 5 Gal. 17" 12 5/8" Dia. –– FM
–– F891P 1 Gal. 13" 4 1/2" 7 1/2" FM
–– F892P 2 Gal. 12 1/2" 6" 10" FM
*Brass faucet standard on terne plate models. †Stainless steel valve standard on stainless steel models.

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