Disposal Equipment

for Bench Cans
Production and Maintenance Equipment

Plunger and Bench Cans

  • Quick, easy one-hand operations.
  • Exclusive, built-in perforated metal flash arresters.
  • Dispenses uniform amounts of flammable liquids in continuous flow. Upon release of the spring-mounted dasher, excess liquid drains back into can.
  • Protects vapor within can against vapors into plant atmosphere.

Dip Cans

  • Fusible-linked lids close automatically when exposed to fire.
  • Foot treadle-operated models close automatically when foot is removed from treadle.
  • Handy removable baskets available for highly efficient cleaning of large groups of small parts.
  • Wide variety of sizes and accessories for fast, economical use under many production conditions.

Mobile Safety Dispenser Carts

  • Helpful time-servers for refilling safety cans, wash tanks, bench cans, etc.
  • FM approved, reversible rotary-type transfer pump mounted on cart.
  • Rubber tires for easy movement to on-the-job locations.

Specialty Items

  • Polyethylene squeeze bottles to dispense fine, solid stream of flammable solvents.
  • Tanks and holders to keep spray guns clean and ready to use.
  • Brush saver tanks to prolong life and eliminate frequent cleaning of brushes.
  • Blow guns to effectively and economically clean small and/or blind holes.
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