Safety Storage Cabinets

Built-in Safety
  • Perforated metal flash arresters in vent openings on both sides of cabinets
    prevent ignition and explosion when mechanically vented.
  • Dependable spark-proof, tamper-proof, 3-point closure is lockable to
    prevent unauthorized access.
  • Patented self-closing doors with Protectoseal's exclusive self-latching
    feature eliminate accidental exposure to fires (option).
  • Select model cabinets are the only storage devices ever tested and approved by
    U.S. Navy for ship-board use.

Built-in Convenience
  • Continuous door hinge for maximum ease and reliability.
  • Adjustable shelves allow easy storage of various-size containers.
  • Built-in connector for grounding cable.
  • Wobble-free base on four leveling feet.

Built-in Quality
  • Fabricated of 18 gauge steel with reinforced double walls.
  • Reinforced double wall construction provides a full 1 1/2" air space
    between inner and outer walls.
  • Special "Z" bar adds rigidity and stability.
  • Liquid-tight 2" bottom well prevents leakage from accidental spills.

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