Safety Drum Transfer Pumps
No. 4450 Counter Kit
  • Measures revolutions with dial indicating up to 20 gallons.
  • Totalizer registers to 10,000 gallons.
  • All durable hard plastic construction.
  • Precision accuracy.
  • Large , easy to read numbers, easy reset knob.
  • Exclusively for use with No. 4400H Standard Pump.

No. 4400 H Standard Pump
  • Made of heavy cast iron for use with most petroleum based liquids and solvents.
  • Approved for flammables, light oils, etc.
  • Mounts in 2" bung opening.

Series H4500 of all brass or brass and bronze construction, is especially suitable for most chlorinated hydrocarbons and alcohols. No. H4500H has a metal-jacketed Teflon® dispensing hose with brass fittings.
Series 4500 Heavy Duty Pumps
  • Safely dispense flammable liquids and light oils. Pumping rates up to 5 g.p.m. save time.
  • Vacuum breaker allows sharp cut-off control to avoid overflow and spillage. Pressure-vacuum relief vent protects against internal pressure build-up and facilitates flow during pumping.
  • Individual perforated metal flash arresters at spout, relief vent and strainer inlet protect against ignition.
  • Quickly and easily mounted and removed from drum by hand,
  • Pumps fit 3/4" drum bung opening (adapter for 2" opening available).
  • Available in three configurations and three material.
Series 4500 is for general service with liquids that will not react with its cast aluminum body, cover plate and gooseneck, cast iron roter, brass suction tube and fittings and, in the case of No.4500H, neoprene hose. Works satisfactorily with most solvents. principal exceptions are chlorinated hydrocarbons, solvents containing water, alcohols and corrosive liquids.
Series F4500 is all 316 stainless steel construction. recommended for pumping liquids corrosive to components of Series 4500 or H4500 and where noncontamination is essential. All gaskets and packings are Teflon®. Cover plate O-ring is Viton®. No. F4500H hose has stainless steel jacket on Teflon® tubing with stainless steel fittings.
Cat No. Body Rotor Vanes Suction Tube Hose Short Nozzle Drip Return Pan Test Lab Listing
4400H* Cast Iron Cast Iron Carbon Aluminum/Steel Buna N None None FM
4450* Counter Kit –– –– –– –– –– –– ––
4500 Aluminum Cast Iron Carbon Brass None None None UL/FM
F4500 Stainless Stainless Carbon Stainless None None None UL/FM
H4500 Brass Brass Carbon Brass None None None UL/FM
4500H Aluminum Cast Iron Carbon Brass Neoprene None None UL/FM
F4500H Stainless Stainless Carbon Stainless Stainless & Teflon® None None UL/FM
H4500H Brass Brass Carbon Brass Brass & Teflon® None None UL/FM
4500N Aluminum Cast Iron Carbon Brass None Steel Aluminum UL/FM
H4500N Brass Brass Carbon Brass None Brass Bronze UL/FM
*Exempt from manufacturing ISO System Review.
Series 4500 Pump Accessories
Cat No. Description Material
4500RK* Repair Kit for Series 4500 ––
F4500RK* Repair Kit for Series F4500 ––
H4500RK* Repair Kit for Series H4500 ––
H4500-45 6' Dispensing Hose Brass
4500-45-69 6' Dispensing Hose Stainless
4500-70 Bung Adapter Brass
4500-70-69 Bung Adapter Stainless Steel
*Repair Kits contain springs, vanes, gasket, O-ring gasket, packing, decal and screws (6).

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