Drum Storage Accessories

Drum Funnel
Drum Funnels
Waste Liquid Drum Funnel
  • Large 101/2" terne plate funnel allows easy filling of 30 or 55 gallon drums with flammables, while minimizing spills.
  • Should a fire occur, a renewable fusible link melts at 160°F. (71°C.), dropping the funnel's hinged cover to extinguish any fire in the funnel.
  • Cover can be closed manually to control evaporation.
  • Available with an 8" or 32" perforated metal flash arrester. 32" is Ideal for higher viscosity fluids.
Self Closing Waste Liquid Drum Funnel
  • Environmentally safe funnel handles both flammable and non-flammable liquid waste (including heavy, viscous material).
  • Positive self-closing check valve minimizes vapor emissions and prevents spillage (if drum were accidentally tipped over).
  • Hinged cover with renewable fusible link, closes when temperature reaches 160°F.
  • Brass flame arrester tube protects drum contents from exterior ignition sources.
  • 101/2" diameter opening permits rapid filling.
  • Model No. 5510VS is the same as the 5510V except it features an 8" perforated metal flash arrester for use with non-viscous flammable liquids.
Cat. No. Description Size Material
5502A Funnel w/8" Flash Arrester 2" Male NPS Terne Plate & Brass
5510 Funnel w/32" Flash Arrester 2" Male NPS Terne Plate & Brass
5510VS Funnel w/8" Flash Arrester & Check Valve 2" Male NPS Terne Plate & Brass


Funnel w/32" Flash Arrester & Check Valve 2" Male NPS Terne Plate & Brass

Self-Closing Drum and Pail Covers
Self-Closing Drum and Pail Covers
  • Inexpensively converts clean 5 gallon paint cans, 30, or 55 gallon steel drums into fire-safe receptacles for the accumulation of combustible waste.
  • Renewable fusible link assembly melts at 160°F. (71°C.), automatically dropping cover to snuff out fire within container.
  • Easily attached to drum by single bolt and steel strap.
  • Cover detaches for emptying without unfastening strap.
  • Cover may be closed manually.
Cat. No. Material Size
4905* Terne Plate Fits 5 Gal. Pails
4930A Terne Plate Fits 30 Gal. Drums
4955A Terne Plate Fits 55 Gal. Drums
*Mounts to pail rim, no strap assembly required.

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