HSC Grip Decking offers strength and economy through its unique formed steel construction. Three configurations offer a variety of load capacities.

COMFORT: The absence of ragged protrusion provides a comfortable all day walking surface.

General merchandise warehouse

SAFETY: The upset perforations provide a nonskid contact for safe footing in any direction.

REUSEABLE: Lightweight HSC Grip Decking can easily be dismantled and reassembled, and carries a high resale value.

Elevated conveyor access walkway

CLEANLINESS: Self-cleaning design eliminating floor maintenance.

LIGHT PENETRATION: The open design gives plenty of light below. The bright galvanized finish diffuses the light and often eliminates the need for additional lighting circuits.

LIFETIME FINISH: HSC Grip Deck is formed from galvanized steel--resists corrosion--no painting required--ever.

Sportswear distribution center

AIR AND WATER PASSAGE: Free passage of water through the grating makes maximum use of overhead sprinklers. Air passage allows effective use of existing heating and air conditioning units.

MOUNTING: Can be easily mounted to structural steel, pipe, wood, slotted angle, and pallet rack beams.

Garment manufacturing facility

Close-up of interlocking grating
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