Self-Contained Compactors


This compactor, located at a hospital, is fed by a tipper on the dock and a conveyor system. The conveyor directs shredded "red bag" waste from our medical waste Sterilizer also on site. The self-contained compactor effectively solves spillage and leakage problems associated with conventional stationary compactors and containers.

Medical Centers generally require a high degree of security and sanitation. Our compactors provide both. Wastes are safety stored out of reach of scavengers. Sanitary conditions are enhanced even further with our Ozone Odor Contol System which destroys odor-producing bacteria by molecular reaction! At the medical facility shown above, the unit incldes a customized dock and a 48 gallon cart dumper system.

Selected to handle large volumes of wastes and food from a cafeteria, the streamline design of this model compliments the large, downtown bulding which houses the corporate headquarters of a major department store. The "through-the-wall" chute allows the compactor to be loaded from a second floor location providing both convenience and security.

Equipped wih an integral ground level cart dumper, this compactor is ideal for sprawling apartment complexes, shopping centers, parks, resorts, and other applications where a centralized disposal system is needed. "Trainable" carts can be located in convenient locations throughout the facility and periodically towed to the compactor.

The Compactor ram automatically retracts when cart is being lifted so that full capacity of charge box is available for trach being dumped. Forks remain in "full dump" position for transit to and from landfill.
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