Explosives Storage Buildings

Explosives Storage Buildings

Full compliance with Federal Regulation 40 CFR-264.175

We manufacture storage buildings for your explosives and other combustibles to meet the ever increasing safety demands of state, municipal and federal agencies. These buildings are manufactured to provide the safety requirements necessary for full compliance, the requirements of insurers and the protection of personnel and property all at an affordable price. These buildings come equipped with explosion relief panels, explosion proof lighting, explosion proof ventilation and air conditioning systems.

These buildings provide state the art storage for explosives, rocket fuels, gases, combustibles and other highly explosive materials.




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These panels blow out in the event of an explosion providing the relief needed in the event of an explosion. The steel cage prevents the panel from becoming a dangerous flying projectile, protecting persons and property.



Explosion proof lighting (below) and explosion proof air conditioning systems (right) are just a few of the explosion proof components available to assure that our explosive containment buildings are the safest available today.


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