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capable of withstanding the demands of industry

20' Hazmat Storage Buildings

Dimensions: Standard 20'-0" X 6'-0" X 8'-6" Containment Building

Full compliance with Federal Regulation 40 CFR-264.175



  • Corrugated walls and roof
  • 10 Gage steel sump
  • Seismic restraints
  • Fork lift pockets
  • Sump drain and cap
  • Floor grating, galvanized
  • Floor Loading 600 PSF
  • Pallet wide doors
  • Double stacking capability
  • Grounding lug
  • Double seal door gaskets
  • Lubricated door hinges
  • Compression door locks
  • Epoxy lined sump
  • Self draining pitched roof

  • Stainless and alloy construction
  • Stainless, and aluminum and FRP grating
  • Oversized field assembled units
  • Crane rails, hoists and trolleys
  • Jib cranes
  • Skid mounted packages
  • Adjustable containment shelving
  • 1-4 hour fire ratings
  • Drychem fire suppression
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Fans-standard and explosion proof
  • Lighting-standard and explosion proof
  • Explosion relief vents
  • Roll up doors
  • Liquid level alarms
  • Heaters-standard and explosion proof
  • Air conditioning-standard and explosion proof
  • Audible alarm
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All buildings have a floor load rating of 600 pound per square foot and are equipped with galvanized,
non slip grating as a standard. Special grating products such as Fiberglass (FRP) aluminum, stainless steel
and alloy steel can be provided upon request.

Hazmat Storage Buildings to fit every need!

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